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5 Knives Set Hiroo

5 Knives Set Hiroo

What elements affect the good cooking of a chef? Experts know that cooking requires rituals, such as going to the market to select the best ingredients, submitting them and transforming them into elegant dishes that are then served to their guests; but all magic requires certain implements, there is a very deep connection between that alchemist of flavors and their necessary tools, these give special touch to each meal. We refer to their sharp knives, like Set Knives Hiroo, those thin sheets of steel that can reduce a large piece of meat to small cubes; transform round and huge onions into delicate julienne or enjoy to see how it slides that sharp and always firm sheet of metal between the pulp of a juicy watermelon.

And it isn´t a set of knives that serve to slice what they force, it speaks of accurate, precise and elegant tools that complement its carrier, from the grip, its weight, size and strength.

All Main Japanese  Knives Set

Material: Stainless Steel and Wood.

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Gyuto Knife: Total Length 33cm (13"), Blade 21x4,4cm (8"x1,7") 

Santoku Knife: Total Length 30cm (11,8"), Blade 18x4,6cm (7,1"x1,8")

Sujihiki Knife: Total Length 24cm (9,4"), Blade 12,5x2,8cm (4,9"x1,1")

Tamahagane Tsubame Knife: Total Length 24cm (9,4"), Blade 12,5x2,8cm (4,9"x1,1")

Petty Knife: Total Length 20cm (7,8"), Blade 12,5x2cm (4,9"x0,8")

Quantity: 5 Japanese Knives

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