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Tea Pot Shakotan - A - Tea Pot
Tea Pot Shakotan - Tea Pot
Tea Pot Shakotan - Tea Pot
Tea Pot Shakotan - B - Tea Pot

Tea Pot Shakotan

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The creation of a traditional kyusu tea pot, such as the Tea Pot Shakotan, is a slow and delicate process, whose duration shouldn´t be less than 14 days. This is the minimum time it takes to design and mold a good teapot. In this process, utility and aesthetics merge, since both the use to be given and the appearance that one wants to give are taken into account.

Japanese Tea Pot. Handmade.

Material: Ceramic, String and Wood Handle.

Feature: If you need, you can untie the string, it´s useful for non-slip, and anti-scalding.

Capacity: 200ml

Sizes: 17,5x9cm (6,9"x3,5")

Available in 2 colors.

Quantity: 1 Teapot