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Tea Set Omitama - Tea
Tea Set Omitama - Tea
Tea Set Omitama - A - Tea
Tea Set Omitama - B - Tea

Tea Set Omitama

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The Kyusu ceramic is an exception in design and material of the Japanese teapot. For Matcha, hot water is poured from the cast iron kettle (Tetsubin) directly into the tea bowl. However, for the preparation of Japanese green teas, the small ceramic teapot (Kyusu) is traditionally correct. Most green tea lovers consider the Kyusu with side grip as the best option, that's why we present the Omitama Tea Set, so you can prepare the tea and serve it in the correct teapot!

Authentic Japanese Tea Set. Hand Painted

Material: Porcelain


Teapot: 200ml

Tea Cup: 85ml


Teapot: 13x7cm (5,1"x2,8")

Tea Cup: 6x4cm (2,4"x1,6")

Available in 2 models.

Quantity: 1 Teapot and 6 Tea Cups.