How to use Japanese Chopsticks?
Surely more than once we have had this doubt, moreover we have been embarrassed until not getting to enter a Japanese restaurant or for the most daring, having to ask for Western cutlery. Nothing happens, in this post we will try to solve these and other doubts.
And it is that Japanese food does not taste the same with Western cutlery, since they use many flavors and ingredients in not much food and always their pieces of food are small so that they can be taken with Japanese Chopsticks. Another thing to keep in mind and that we Westerners have never noticed because we have been doing it all our lives is that our cutlery leaves a trace of metallic taste in food, YES! You have read well! Until you make the change to eat with Wooden Chopsticks or Stainless Steel Chopsticks, you will not realize, and you will tell me... Ok, what about Wooden Chopsticks do I understand but Stainless Steel Chopsticks  does not happen the same? And we will tell you absolutely no, because the surface that you use of your Stainless Steel Chopsticks is minimal compared to that of your usual cutlery, also if the 120 million people who have Japan use them, even children, since very young, do not it will be so hard right?
The first tip that we wanted to give you is that they should not come into contact with the mouth, it is considered rude and they should be left resting on a Chopsticks Holder that you will surely have on your Japanese Table, they have very varied shapes and materials and serve for that, To leave your chopsticks while we're not eating. Another thing we should never do is to leave the Japanese Chopsticks crossed, neither on the table, nor on the plate, nor in the Chopsticks Rest or in the food, it is a very ugly gesture that we should avoid and of course and even though they are Chopsticks we have temptations to do it, we will never need to prick the food with the Japanese Chopsticks, whatever it is and whatever the chopsticks are, never, and now that you know a little more we will see how they are taken.
First: Hold one of the Chopstick between the thumb and the third finger, place it in such a way that the Chopstick rests from the hollow of the base of the thumb and on the junction of the first and second phalanx, the Chopstick should not touch the yolk of the finger, you should feel that it is firm but do not tense the fingers, and calm, you are doing well.
Second: Place the second Chopstick between the thumb and index finger, the lower end should be held by the fingertip of the thumb and the upper end of the stick by the tip of the index, should the sticks be parallel, complicated? Sure not!
Third: The first Chopstick should always be firm and fixed, it is the basis of the movement of the other, you have to practice moving the second without the first moving, it seems that you are already an expert! The truth is that simple simple is not, the Chopsticks  seem to. Be alive and make your own decisions! However we will achieve it! Practice with cotton balls, tissues, pieces of bread ... until you can hold something with more weight and slippery like a good piece of sashimi uhhmmm ...
And finally: hold the piece of food firmly and bring it to your mouth, remember not to put the Chopsticks on your mouth again, no matter whether they are Stainless Steel Chopsticks or Wooden Chopsticks and not even bite them!
Now you only have left after so much effort to book in that Japanese Restaurant that you have always wanted to go and that because of shame or ignorance you have not yet gone, bon appetit!

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