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5 pairs of Chopsticks Set Shimonoseki

5 pairs of Chopsticks Set Shimonoseki

There´re a thousand and one taboos about sharing chopsticks. Especially in Japan, there´s a belief that when an object has been in someone's mouth, it not only acquires germs. Aspects of our personality´re transmitted through the mouth. And those aren´t removed with a little soap, like viruses. That's why we present the Shimonoseki Chopsticks Set so that your personality is intact when you eating with them.

Original Japanese Chopsticks. Handmade

Material: 5 kinds of Wood (Boxwood, Ironwood, Chestnut wood, Black Sandalwood and Purple Sandalwood).

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Sizes: 22,5cm (8,5")

Quantity: 5 pairs of Japanese Chopsticks.

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