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Tatami Aogashima ( 4 sizes)

Tatami Aogashima ( 4 sizes)

Did you know that Japanese tatami shouldn´t be stepped on with shoes on? The most common is to take off your shoes and go to the tatami barefoot or in socks. Once in the tatami it´s usual to sit with the soles of the feet glued to the buttocks and with the legs closed. The Tatami Aogashima is available in four sizes so you can eat, sleep, meditate, play or do anything you can imagine, but remember to leave your shoes out!

Japanese Tatami. Handmade

Material: Soft Straw and Latex filling.

Feature: Breathable and Portable.

Available in 4 sizes.

Sizes: Thickness 3,5cm (1,4")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Tatami

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