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Chopsticks and Cutlery Set Nagasaki (5 colors)

Chopsticks and Cutlery Set Nagasaki (5 colors)

Japanese Chopsticks Set

Material: Stainless Steel and Cloth.

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Chopsticks: 23cm (9,1")

Spoon: 4x20,4cm (1,6"x8")

Fork: 2,4x20,4cm (0,9"x8")

Drinking Straw: 21,5cm (8,5")

Drinking Straw Cleaner Brush: 20cm (7,9")

Available in five colors: Black, Rainbow, Silver, Pink and Gold.

Quantity: 1 pair of Japanese Chopsticks, 1 Spoon, 1 Fork, 1  Straight Drinking Straw, 1 Curve Drinking Straw, 1 Drinking Straw Cleaner Brush and 1 Storage Pocket.

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