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Chopsticks Set Tateyama - Chopsticks

5 pairs of Chopsticks Tateyama

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You´ll always have the doubt when you sit down to eat Japanese food with someone with whom you hadn´t done it before. Will he eat with chopsticks? Or will he be one of those desperately looking for a fork even before the first bite? There´re people unable to handle them. But there´re also people who love eating with them so much that they use them even when they don´t eat Japanese dishes, this´s precisely what will happen to the 5 pairs of Tateyama Chopsticks, they´re so beautiful and elegant that you won´t wait to have sushi in front you to use them.

Elegant Japanese Chopsticks

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Sizes: 23,5cm (9,3")

Quantity: 5 pairs of Chopsticks