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Zafu Furen

Zafu Furen

The zafus, like the Zafu Furen, is highly valued in the Zen Buddhist tradition, where correct posture in meditation´s of the utmost importance. In any center where yoga´s practiced and in places of different cults where they practice meditative we can see zafus so that the practitioners feel comfortable.
The importance of correct posture, in addition to facilitating that we maintain the position for a long time without hurting us, is because important energy channels run through the interior of the column. If we don´t have our backs well placed, the energy doesn´t flow well through these channels.

Japanese Cushion. Handmade 

Material: Linen Cotton with high density EPE foam with memory filling.

Feature: Removable and Washable.

Sizes: 39x39cm (15,4"x15,4") High: 20cm (7,9")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Zafu

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