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Zafu Ikeda ( 3 sizes and 2 colors)

Zafu Ikeda ( 3 sizes and 2 colors)

Meditation practitioners sit on the zafu to perform the practice. The Zafu Ikeda has the function of allowing the pelvis to be tilted forward and resting the knees on the ground, achieving an adequate lumbar curve. The two knees and coccyx are the three points on which the position is held. A balanced and stable posture is achieved.
When you´re meditating on top of a zafu, all the muscles relax, the heart rate goes down, the blood pressure drops, the breathing becomes deeper and your capacity for concentration increases, thus favoring a deeper and calmer meditation.

Japanese Zafu Cushion. Handmade

Available in 3 sizes.


S-30cm (11.8")

M-40cm (15.7")

L-45cm (17.7)

Available in 2 colors: Light and Dark

Quantity: 1 Japanese Zafu

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