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Zafu Inba ( 2 sizes and 8 colors)

Zafu Inba ( 2 sizes and 8 colors)

Meditation´s an activity that´s carried out in order to improve the mood and emotions of people, and also to relax and reduce stress.
Practicing this therapy is very beneficial for health, since it stimulates the immune system and brain areas that´re responsible for joy and happiness.
Although you can practice meditation anywhere, choosing a good cushion in meditation´s very important, since the body adapts to the surface on which it´s supported and the floor is much more uncomfortable than using a cushion.
It´s highly recommended to use a zafu cushion like the Zafu Inba in meditation and also in yoga, especially to avoid muscle or cervical pain.

Japanese Zafu Cushion. Handmade

Material: Cotton Linen with EVA Foam Filling.

Feature: Removable and Washable.

Available in 2 sizes

Sizes: High: 6cm (2.3")

Available in 8 colors.

Quantity: 1 Zafu

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