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Zafu Kitaura - Tatami Cushion

Zafu Kitaura

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The Zafu Kitaura´s a cushion, specially designed to sit down to meditate, facilitating that the back is well erect for a correct posture.
Measures approximately 39cm (15.4") each side´re made with linen cotton and filled with high density EPE foam with memory filling that gives it resistance to compression, so that when we sit isn´t excessively hard, but that isn´t sink so that we can maintain the position in the meditations.

Finding a zafu nowadays is much easier than years ago, in we facilitate you to be able to buy anything as difficult as it seems to find it in the local trade from home.

Japanese Cushion. Handmade 

Material: Linen Cotton with high density EPE foam with memory filling.

Feature: Removable and Washable.

Sizes: 39x39cm (15,4"x15,4") High: 20cm (7,9")

Quantity: 1 Zafu