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Zafu Kutcharo

Zafu Kutcharo

The acquisition of a zafu like the Zafu Kutcharo is a matter that should be considered carefully because there aren´t two equal bodies. Consequently, there aren´t two zafus who "have" to be equal.

Zen is the precise "point" in which each one guides and finds its own fulfillment in a singular way. And that includes, among other things, the support on which to sit which has to be comfortable and firm and if it´s also beautiful and elegant like this...what else can we ask for?

Japanese Cushion. Handmade

Material: Polyester and Cotton with cotton filling.

Feature: Removable and Washable.

Sizes: 65x65cm (25.6"x25,6") High: 20cm (7.8")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Zafu

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