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Zafu Nakaumi - Coffee / 40x40x10cm - Tatami Cushion
Zafu Nakaumi - Tatami Cushion
Zafu Nakaumi - Tatami Cushion

Zafu Nakaumi

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The zafu like zafu Nakaumi is a cushion designed to sit down to meditate, it facilitates the posture and allows the back to be well upright and in a correct position, so that we can keep ourselves in the position of meditation for a long time without our spine being damaged, since important energy channels run through it, and if we don´t have our backs well placed, the energy doesn´t  flow well through these channels.

Japanese Cushion. Handmade

Material: Polyester and Cotton with EVA filling.

Feature: Removable and Washable.

Available in 3 sizes.

Sizes:  High: 10cm (3,9")

Quantity: 1 Zafu