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Zafu Ogawara ( 3 sizes)

Zafu Ogawara ( 3 sizes)

The usefulness of a yoga zafus´re clear: they´re meditation or yoga cushions to have a comfortable surface where you can sit or put yourself in the position of lotus flower and maintain comfort at all times.
But the thing doesn´t end there.
What yogi has never used this type of yoga cushion to support himself when performing his postures as if it were a yoga block?
Or who hasn´tt used a zabutón to sit quietly as if it were a futon?
Probably if you´re a beginner yogi you won´t have used them, but as more advanced yogis we can assure you that you´ll give more than one use to your zafu to meditate.

Japanese Cushion. Handmade 

Material: Straw with Cotton filling.

Feature: not removable and washable.

Available in 3 sizes.

 Quantity: 1 Japanese Zafu

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