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Damascus Knife Chokai

Damascus Knife Chokai

The base of Japanese cuisine combines, above all, vegetables and rice with fish. The Usuba knife comes to cover the cutting part of vegetables. It´s a knife that requires a good technique to take advantage of all its possibilities.

The Damascus Knife Chokai or Usuba Japanese Bocho has a single edge and is usually used by professional chefs. Due to the technique required for the use of an Usuba knife in Japanese cuisine an apprentice can spend years of practice until they can perfectly develop cutting techniques such as katsuramuki, Sasagaki or Chasen-giri.

Japanese Usuba Knife. High Quality

Material: Damascus Steel and Wood Handle.


Total Lenght: 31cm (12.2")

Blade: 18x5cm (7,1"x2")

Handle: 13cm (5,1")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Usuba Knife and a Gift Box. 

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