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Damascus Knife Pippu

Damascus Knife Pippu

The Deba knife like the Damascus Knife Pippu is used mainly for cleaning and filleting and cutting the head of fish and also for chicken. The Deba knives fulfill their function when applying hard cuts, they have a wider, sturdier spike, where the auxiliary hand can be supported to apply a little more force. The edge of the leaf of a Deba is prepared to cut thorns and bones of fish or small chickens.

These knives´re originally from the city of Sakai, near Osaka, where they were originally designed to cut tobacco, did you know?

Japanese Deba Knife. High Quality. Handmade

Material: Japanese Damascus Steel Multilayer and Rosewood Handle.

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Total Length: 32.7cm (12.8")

Blade: 20,2x5,5cm (8"x2,2")

Handle: 12,5cm (4,9")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Deba Knive and 1Gift Box.

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