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Damascus Knife Shiretoko - Knives

Damascus Knife Shiretoko

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The Santoku knife, like the Damascus Knife Shiretoko, is wider than the typical kitchen knife, which allows it to be used as a palette to pick up the food once it has been sliced. The slight curving of a Santoku's edge is somewhat less than that of a chef's knife, but it still facilitates the "crib" cutting in motion.
It incorporates alveoli along the blade. These prevent the food from adhering to the blade of the knife by allowing air to enter between the metal and the product, as well as reducing the surface that rubs and facilitate cutting.

Exclusive Japanese Santoku Knife. Supreme Quality

Material: Japanese Multilayer Damascus Steel and Pakka Wood Handle.

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Total Length: 29,5cm (11.6")

Blade: 16,5x4,5cm (6,5"x1,8")

Quantity: 1 Knife