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DIY Tatami Yumeshima ( 6 colors)

DIY Tatami Yumeshima ( 6 colors)

The Japanese tatami, like DIY Tatami Yumeshima, is a kind of thin mattress that is used to cover the floors of Japanese houses. The tatamis were a symbol of status enjoyed only by the aristocratic and wealthy families of Japan; the rest of the Japanese slept on a wooden floor. Until the end of the sixteenth century they became popular throughout the country. At present it´s common to find tatami floors in any business or houses with Japanese decoration.

Japanese Tatami Carpet

Material: Straw with Cotton Filling and hand hooked.

Available in 6 colors: Natural color, Blue, Green, Red, Tea color and Yellow.

Sizes: 82x82cm (32.2")  Thickness: 1.5cm (0.59")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Tatami

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