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Geta Sandals Fujie

Geta Sandals Fujie

Japanese Geta Clogs


They are easy to clean and dry very quickly. The base of the rubber sole is soft, comfortable, elastic with strong adhesion. This dual layer rubber is pressure resistant and can reduce excellent vibration. It effectively protects your feet.

Material: Wood and Cloth

Available different sizes

Sizes (Length x Width x Height):

  • 34-35: 23 cm (9,1")
  • 36-37: 24 cm (9,4")
  • 38-40: 25 cm (9,8")
  • 41-42: 26 cm (10,2")
  • 43-44: 27 cm (10,6")

Shoe Width: Medium

Please measure your foot before placing your order

Quantity: 1 Pair of Japanese Geta Shoes

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