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Knife Eniwa

Knife Eniwa

The Santoku type Japanese knife, whose name means three virtues or three uses, is the all-terrain cutting tool of Japanese cuisine. The Knife Eniwa is perfectly developed to slice, cut and shape, it is presented as the basic for oriental cuisine. It is a very comfortable knife in hand able to perform the general tasks in our kitchen with extreme precision.

Santoku knives are the knives of the great Japanese chefs, they are ideal for cutting, chopping, filleting...They are a little smaller than occidental chef knives and the curvature of the blade is different.

Japanese Profesional Santoku Knife

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Eco-Friendly and do not use dishwasher.


Total Length 31.4cm (12.3")

Blade 17,1x4,5cm (6,7"x1,8")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Santoku Knife.

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