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Knife Koizumi

Knife Koizumi

The Knife Koizumi is a kitchen knife with an asymmetrical blade whose sizes does not exceed 9cm (3,5") of blade and is used to clean small fish, both to remove the skin, and to cut off the head if necessary, thanks to its asymmetric blade, perfectly support on the board and facilitates the removal of the skin of the fish. Its asymmetric edge, also has the advantage of functioning as a guillotine, giving a cut and clean cut the food to be cut, it is also very easy to sharpen with the corresponding sharpening stone.

Japanese Petty Knife

Material: Stainless Steel


Total Length: 20cm (7.8")

Blade: 9x2cm (3,5"x0,8")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Knife.

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