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Knife Shaka

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The knife Knife Shaka is ideal for chopping vegetables and herbs or cutting red meats or poultry. Its wide blade makes it the special knife for all types of work. It makes possible work without fatigue thanks to the handle with traditional Japanese chestnut shape.
Knife Chef Knife Shaka is also one of the best Japanese chef knives made of stainless steel.
The robust handle combined with the edge allows the perfect balance, giving total control over the fall and maneuver; letting you cut the thickest slabs of meat or fish without fail.

Japanese Gyuto Knife. Handmade

Material: Stainless Steel and High Quality Pakka wood.

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Total Length: 32.7cm (12.8")

Blade: 20,3x4,5cm (8"x1,8")

Quantity: 1 Knife with Cover.