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Knives Set Kanmuri - Set - Knives
Knives Set Kanmuri - A - Knives
Knives Set Kanmuri - B - Knives
Knives Set Kanmuri - Knives
Knives Set Kanmuri - Knives
Knives Set Kanmuri - Knives

Knives Set Kanmuri

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The Gyuto is a versatile knife, with balanced dimensions, ideal for multiple tasks, cleaning, cutting, chopping; vegetables, meats, vegetables. Classic knife in the kitchen and capable of solving 90% of tasks. The first knife to acquire (unless you have preference for the Santoku).
The knife Nakiri or Nakiri Bocho is very comfortable when working on the cutting of vegetables, its design allows quick cutting movements, the alignment of the handle and the width of the blade allow us not to touch with the knuckles on the table of cut.
With these Kanmuri Knives Set  you´ll have two cooking weapons that you will never regret having acquired.

Japanese Nakiri and Gyuto Knives

Material: Multilayer Stainless Steel and Wood Handle.

Feature: Eco-Friendly


A (Gyuto): Total Length: 33cm (13") Blade: 21x4,4cm (8,3"x1,7")

B (Nakiri):Total Length: 30.3cm (12") Blade 18x4,8cm (7,1"x1,9")

Available in 2 models or set.