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Matcha Tea Set Asuna

Matcha Tea Set Asuna

To prepare matcha tea it´s highly recommended to use the classic accessories that´re used in tea ceremonies. With the Matcha Tea Set Asuna we´ll have two essential tools, the chasen and the chashaku. The chashaku is a spoon that´s used to put and measure the matcha in the tea bowl, the ideal doses´re obtained, two tablespoons of chashaku are approximately 1g of matcha.
Chasen is a bamboo whisk to prepare matcha tea, it helps to mix the water with the matcha. The development of this tool is an art. They´re handmade with a single branch of bamboo. 

Japanese Matcha Tea Set. Handmade

Material: Bamboo

Feature: Eco-Friendly, Wash it by hand and dry it with a dry cloth. Do not put it in the dishwasher or submerge it in water.


Chasen 10,5x6cm (4,1"x2,4")

Chasaku 18x0,9cm (7,1"x0,4")

Quantity: 1 Chasen and 1 Chasaku.

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