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Matcha Tea Set Sannosawa

Matcha Tea Set Sannosawa

It isn´t coffee but it wakes you up and fills you with positive energy; It isn´t a juice but it provides nutrients, vitamins and a large amount of antioxidants; It isn´t a magical elixir but it reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar and helps burn calories, what could it be? Matcha Tea of course, and so you can enjoy all these wonders we present you Matcha Tea Set Sannosawa, sure you thank us!

Japanese Matcha Tea Set. Handmade

Material: Bamboo

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Capacity: Matcha Bowl (Chawan) 350ml


Beater (Chasen) 10,5x6cm (4,1"x2,4")

Matcha Scoop (Chasaku) 18x0,9cm (7,1"x0,4")

Matcha Bowl (Chawan)10,5x7cm (4,1"x2,8")

Quantity: 1 Beater (Chasen), 1 Matcha Scoop (Chasaku)  and 1 Matcha Bowl (Chawan).

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