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Matcha Tea Set Utsugi

Matcha Tea Set Utsugi

The current lifestyle doesn´t allow us to always eat as healthy as we should. Matcha tea helps you compensate for those excesses and strengthen your health. Matcha has a high concentration of antioxidants, chlorophyll and vitamins (among other nutrients). In addition, its detoxifying effect helps the body eliminate toxins, heavy metals and dioxins. That's why you consider the Matcha Tea Set Utsugi as part of your health.

Japanese Matcha Tea Set. Handmade

Material: Bamboo

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Capacity: Matcha Bowl (Chawan) 350ml


Beater (Chasen) 10,5x6cm (4,1"x2,4")

Matcha Scoop (Chasaku) 18x0,9cm (7,1"x0,4")

Matcha Bowl (Chawan)10,5x7cm (4,1"x2,8")

Quantity: 1 Beater (Chasen), 1 Matcha Scoop (Chasaku)  and 1 Matcha Bowl (Chawan).

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