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Sake Bottle Meguro ( 2 capacities)

Sake Bottle Meguro ( 2 capacities)

The Sake Bottle Meguro offers two capacities, perfect for both a romantic evening or dinner with friends. Store your sake in ceramic vessels, and serve in traditional ceramic cups. Enjoy the delicate flavors by itself, or pair it with your favorite sushi for an unforgettable meal.

Authentic Japanese Sake Bottle

Material: Ceramic

Features: Eco-friendly 


A-: 500ml

B-: 250ml


 A-: 10,3x12,8cm (4,1"x5"),

 B-: 8,4x11,3cm (3,3"x4,4")

Available in 2 capacities and sizes.

Quantity: 1 Japanese Sake Bottle.

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