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Sake Bottle Meguro - 250ml - Sake
Sake Bottle Meguro - Sake
Sake Bottle Meguro - Sake

Sake Bottle Meguro

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The sake is stored in ceramic vessels that´re known as tokkuri, such as the Sake Bottle Meguro and, to drink it, it´s served in small ceramic cups called choko. It can be taken both alone, as if it were a wine, or accompanying a meal, such as shrimp nigiri or a neglected maki.

Authentic Japanese Sake Bottle

Material: Ceramic

Features: Eco-friendly 


A-: 500ml

B-: 250ml


 A-: 10,3x12,8cm (4,1"x5"),

 B-: 8,4x11,3cm (3,3"x4,4")

Available in 2 capacities and sizes.

Quantity: 1 Sake Bottle.