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Sake Set Himeshima

Sake Set Himeshima

The sake is originally from Japan. Badly called rice wine, it´s an alcoholic beverage that´s consumed cold or hot and also widely used in cooking to accompany fish, meat or soups. And...How are you going to consume it? Cold? Hot? To cook? Whatever you do, you'll taste without equal with the Himeshima Sake Set.

Japanese Sake Set. Handmade

Material: Ceramic

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Sake Bottle: 350ml

Sake Cup: 40ml


Sake Bottle: 4,5x14cm (1,8"x5,5")

Sake Cup: 5x4cm (2"x1,6")

Quantity: 1 Sake Bottle and 4 Sake Cups.

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