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Sake Set Kastner

Sake Set Kastner

Sake is a Japanese word that means "alcoholic beverage." In Western countries we attribute the meaning of sake to the Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice fermentation. In Japan, nihonshu is said, "Japanese alcohol." It contains between 12º and 20º alcoholics, there are several types that vary their dry to slightly sweet taste. You can serve cold typified as the hiyazake, at room temperature or hot designated as atsukan. Normally the Japanese drink it hot in winter and cold in summer. The ceramic bottles where they are placed for service are known as tokkuri and it is drunk in small ceramic or glass cups called choko, with the Sake Set Kastner you can enjoy this magnificent drink without mistakes, enjoy its design and of course, the Sake!Authentic Japanese Sake Set. Handmade

Material: Ceramic


Sake Bottle: 225ml

Sake Cup:53ml


Sake Bottle 3,7x15,4cm (1,5"x6,1")

Sake Cups 5x4,7cm (2"x1,9")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Sake Bottle and 4 Cups.

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