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Sake Set Kita ( 4 different sets)

Sake Set Kita ( 4 different sets)

Complete set of ceramic bottle (tokkuri) to serve Sake and 2 ceramic glasses (guinomi). We usually cool the sake, although some prefer it hot at 40 degrees Celsius (104ºF), especially in winter, if it´s strong in taste. The "Nama-zake" and "Ginzyoo-syu" can be cooled from 6 to 10 degrees Celsius (42,8º-50ºF). We have to keep sake in a cool place without light. After opening, it´s better to drink it soon, or store it in the refrigerator. This is especially important for "Namazake" and "Ginzyoo-syu".
So you can choose how you want to drink it cold or hot and with what presentation you want to serve it we have the Sake Set Kita, in which you can choose if you want sake tray and if you want the sake warm container.

Authentic Japanese Sake Set

Material: Ceramic

Features: Eco-Friendly 


Sake Warm Container: 350ml

Sake Bottle: 135ml,

Sake Cup: 15ml


Sake Warm Container: 8x10,5cm (3,1"x4,1")

Sake Bottle: 6x12,5cm (2,4"x4,9")       

Sake Cup: 4,1x3cm (1,6"x1,2")

Sake Tray: 16x10x1,5cm (6,3"x3,9"x0,6")

Available in 4 differents sets.

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