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Sake Set Oshima

Sake Set Oshima

The opposite happens with sake than with wine: where the cold can partly hide the deficiencies of a bad wine, the heat would help to improve a bad sake. And as with wine, there´s a huge variety of sakes and prices can be very high. The type and purity of the rice, the ferment used, the brewing process and even the water used´ll have an impact on the price, so the Oshima Sake Set is available in eight colors so you can choose the one that best suits your type of sake.

Japanese Sake Set 

Material: Ceramic

Features: Eco-friendly 


Sake Bottle: 300ml

Sake Cups: 40ml


Sake Bottle 4,8x13cm(1,9"x5,1")

Sake Cup 5x4,5cm (2"x1,8")

Available in 8 colors.

Quantity: 1 Sake Bottle and 4 Sake Cups.

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