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Sake Set Sakura

Sake Set Sakura

My Japanese Sake Set

The Sake Set Sakura is perfect for sake connoisseurs. This set includes two ceramic sake cups and a carafe, beautifully decorated with a delicate cherry blossom design, to help enhance the aroma and flavor of sake. Enjoy your sake set with a friend or a loved one for an authentic Japanese experience.

Material: Glass


  • Sake Bottle: 3.8x7.5 cm (1,5"x3,0")
  • Sake Cup: 5.5x3.2 cm (2,2"x1,3")
  • Sake Cup Lamp: 5x3 cm (2,0"x1,2")


  • Sake Bottle: 300 ml (18,3")
  • Sake Cup: 65 ml (4,0")
  • Sake Cup Lamp: 55 ml (3,6")

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Quantity: 1 Japanese Sake Bottle or Sake Cup

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