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Sake Set Toshima ( 2 colors)

Sake Set Toshima ( 2 colors)

And if you don't drink alcohol, don't worry. A Japanese sake set like the Sake Set Toshima isn´t just a way of drinking. It´s also a decorative item, which fits perfectly in any space, whether or not it has Japanese decoration. As with many other traditional objects, this set combines equally well in modern furniture, avant-garde decoration or a more traditional style. Just choose the colors that go best with the ones you have at home and let the Japanese sake cup do the rest.

Authentic Japanese Sake Set

Material: Ceramic

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Sake Bottle: 250ml

Sake Cup: 45ml


Sake Bottle: 4,2x13cm (1,7"x5,1")

Sake Cup: 5x4,5cm (2"x1,8")

Available in 2 colors: Black and White.

Quantity: 1 Japanese Sake Bottle and 4 Cups.

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