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Saucepan Abashiri

Saucepan Abashiri

The traditional Japanese saucepan, like the Saucepan Abashiri, usually has the surface slightly dented so as not to heat up too quickly and so that the heat is evenly distributed. In Japanese cuisine, a single-handle saucepan is very practical when preparing soups, stews or cooking. These aluminum pots´re hammered by hand and are very light, the aluminum together with the surface of these pots conduct the heat more efficiently, being ideal for the preparation of noodles and dashi broth.

Traditional Japanese Saucepan Yukihira

Material: Porcelain Enameled

Feature: Eco-Friendly and do not use oven or microwave.

Capacity: 1.4L

Sizes: 32x7,5cm (12,6"x3")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Saucepan.

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