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Spoon Tanegashima

Spoon Tanegashima

Do you love Japanese food? It´s quite common to think that Japanese cuisine is reduced only to sushi, sashimi or tuna tataki, its best known delicacies. Although you may be surprised, in this wonderful kitchen, we can also find “lifelong” dishes that have always been prepared in Japanese homes. One of its most typical recipes is miso soup, a nutritious and comforting broth that Japanese grandmothers and mothers usually prepare when it starts to get cold. And what we do not know if you´ll know is that they eat it with the typical Japanese spoon like the Spoon Tanegashima, an experience that you can´t miss!

Authentic Japanese Ishi Spoon. Hand Painted

Material: Porcelain

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Sizes: 14cm (5,5")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Spoon

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