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Sushi Roller Kit Hokkaido

Sushi Roller Kit Hokkaido

Thinking about buying a gift? Or maybe to prepare sushi? With this Sushi Roller Kit Hokkaido you can do everything because it includes the basic sushi tools so you can enjoy the sushi even the most inveterate lovers and share it! Because it also includes 5 pairs of precious chopsticks.

Sushi Roller Kit

Material: Bamboo and Wood

Feature: Eco-Friendly


Chopsticks: 22,5cm ( 8,9")

Mat: 24x22,5cm (9,4"x8,9")

Palette Spoon: 20x6cm (7,9"x2,4")

Spreader: 17x3cm (6,7"x1,2")

Quantity: 1 Chopstick Wrap, 2 Japanese Mats, 1 Palette Spoon, 5 pairs of Japanese Chopsticks and 1 Spreader.

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