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Sushi Shelf Shaka

Sushi Shelf Shaka

Japanese Sushi Shelf

Ideal presentation for sushi, sashimi any sauce

Material: Wood

 Sizes (Lenght x Widht x Height): 

  • A: 32.3x18.5x9.7 cm (12,7"x7,3"x3,8")
  • B: 40.8x25.8x12.8 cm (16,1"x10,2"x5,0")
  • C: 45.5x15.7x 13.4 cm (17,9"x6,2"x5,3")
  • D: 34x16.5x6 cm (13,4"x6,5"x2,4")
  • E: 38x19x9 cm (5,0"x7,5"x3,5")
  • F: 35x18x10.5 cm (13,8"x7,1"x4,1")
  • G: 31.6x18.4x9.2 cm (12,4"x7,2"x3,6")
  • I: 35.8x21x10.6 cm (14,1"x8,3"x4,2")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Sushi Shelf

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