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Tatami Okushiri

Tatami Okushiri

Tatami, like Tatami Okushiri, has been an essential accessory in traditional Japanese ceremonies over the years. In various places this object represents comfort and elegance, so it´s common to find it in luxury restaurants.
Some of the advantages provided by the use of tatami´re for example: hindering the sound, so it´s ideal when used for sleeping.
Another advantage is that it sucks the moisture and graduates the environment, so in winter it offers warmth and in summer freshness. Do you need more reasons to want Tatami Okushiri?

Original Japanese Tatami Zen. Handmade

Material: 100% Bamboo Fiber and Cotton Filling.

Feature: wash by hand.

Sizes: 180x90cm (70.8"x35.4")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Tatami

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