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Tatami Rokko

Tatami Rokko

In its beginnings, in the Japanese house the tatamis´re used as surface to sit, instead of being destined to the martial arts, to sleep or to walk on them. They can be transported from almost by a child and of course by an adult. The tatamis´re composed of the edges of cloth, they protect the sides. The tatamis that have long been used have evolved throughout the world and time.
At first they were being very thin, and you could bend them to easily put them around you and in them people would sit down to rest or even sleep. As time went by, layers were gradually added and this way it became more comfortable both at rest and at the time of sitting. We´re already in the 21st century and the Tatami Rokko complies with the latest innovations in terms of comfort, lightness, beauty and hygiene.

Traditional Japanese Tatami Carpet

Material: Rush Mat

Feature: Eco-Friendly, Folding and wash by hand.

Sizes: 195X195cm (76.7"x76.7")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Tatami with Transportation Bag.

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