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Tea Pot Senjo

Tea Pot Senjo

Japanese cast iron Teapots, such as the Tea Pot Senjo, are widely used in Japan, where they´re used in the traditional tea ceremony, from there they expanded into European cuisines. The Japanese term for cast iron teapots is "Tetsubin" and they´re also well known among lovers of teas and international infusions that practice the famous tea ceremony in their own home and for their guests.

Japanese Tea Pot

Material: Japanese Cast Iron

Feature: Do not use soap to clean it. Tea waste´ll accumulate over time, but it isn´t harmful and is normal. Do dry after each use

Capacity: 800 mL (48,8")

Sizes: 18.5x11 cm (7,3"x4,3")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Teapot

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