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Coffee Set Akaishi - Coffee Cups
Coffee Set Akaishi - Coffee Cups

Coffee Set Akaishi

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Throughout the country you can find coffee shops known as "Kissaten" in which the coffee is made from the beginning, in which the coffee bean is roasted, ground and arrives at the cup after being filtered through the traditional cloth filters. In these coffee shops it´s usually kept a careful, classic and cozy. Do you want the coffee that you make in your own home taste the same? With the Coffee  Akaishi you´ll have less for that to happen!

Japanese Coffee Set

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 260ml

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Sizes: Coffee Cup 13,7x7,5cm (5,4"x3")

Coffe Tray 13,2x1,3cm (5,2"x0,5") 

Coffee Spoon 16,4x2cm (6,5"x0,8")

Quantity: 1 Coffee Cup, 1 Coffee Tray and 1 Coffee Spoon.