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Coffee Set Karasawa - Coffee Cups

Coffee Set Karasawa

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Coffee, tea and juices are served in Japanese cafes. But, the main feature of the menu is almost always coffee. Some coffees stand out in the particular search for your perfect cup of coffee. These´re purists who favor a certain type of coffee variety, some special toasting method, their own pouring technique or their exclusive type of cups. With the Coffee Set Karasawa you have an example of it, beautiful and worthy of the best coffee.

Japanese Coffee Set. 

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 260ml


Coffee Cup  7x11cm (2,8"x4,3")

Coffe Tray 13,2x1,3cm (5,2"x0,5")

Coffee Spoon 16,4x2cm (6,5"x0,8")

Quantity: 1 Coffee Cup, 1 Coffe Tray and 1 Coffee Spoon.