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Teacup Nankoku

Teacup Nankoku

Typical Japanese teacups, such as Teacup Nankoku, don´t usually carry a handle, they´re usually small and ceramic. The Japanese at tea time make a ceremony based on Zen Buddhism, they usually do them when they have guests and make them with green tea or Matcha.

It´s a very Japanese symbol from which we can learn from its beauty, tranquility and the delicacy of serving tea, something that we would do without more, they take their time and do it in a way that just by looking, they transport you to traditional Japan and it creates a sense of spiritual peace.

Original Japanese Teacup

Material: Ceramic

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Capacity: 50ml

Sizes: 4,8x5cm (1,9"x2")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Teacup

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