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Tea Cup Niigata - Tea
Tea Cup Niigata - Tea

Teacup Niigata

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The ceremony involves a strong connection with the spirit and with nature. That´s why it´s of great importance to recognize the value of beautiful objects, such as the Niigata Teacup as a manifestation of the power of the universe through the hands of man. This recognition represents a show of humility in the face of the overwhelming beauty and power of the elements.

Knowing how to appreciate the delicacy of the tea set and the balance of decoration in the room is a sign of refinement and knowing how to be and offering the best to the guests is essential to be the best host.

Original Japanese Teacup

Material: Ceramic

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Capacity: 75ml

Sizes: 7x4,1cm (2,8"x1,6")

Quantity: 1 Teacup