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Tempura Pot and Oil Filter Container Saru ( 3 models)

Tempura Pot and Oil Filter Container Saru ( 3 models)

Although the idea of batter and hot fryers may seem like greasy and unglamorous, the Japanese´re also fans of fried dishes, although, yes, their presentation is very stylish.

Tempura is very popular in Japanese kitchens to coat vegetables, fish, squid and seafood. Its greatest value lies in how light and crunchy the food is without being bathed in this technique, in which the cold liquid mass composed of water, eggs and flour and the time and temperature of the oil´re key factors. The resulting bites´re unmatched.

Would you like to try them and use only the oil strictly necessary for you to cook a delicious dish?

Japanese Tempura Pans Fryer & Oil Filter Container.

Material: Stainless Steel and Iron.

Feature: Eco-Friendly and do not use microwave or oven.

Sizes: Available in product photos

Available on 3 models.

Quantity: 1 Japanese Tempura Pan Fryer with 1 Oil Filter Container.

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