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Tempura Pot Mu

Tempura Pot Mu

The "tempura" became popular in the XVII century in Edo, the ancient name of Tokyo. It used to be consumed in street stalls and it was the favorite food of the town. Since ancient times, the Japanese people love the "tempura" of vegetables, a dish that allows you to feel the seasons of the year. Especially in the spring, the "tempura" of mountain vegetables is very popular, in which ingredients picked in the bush or the field´re used such as "tara no me" or "fuki no to", as well as young shoots of "kogomi" and "zenmai". The raw mountain vegetables have a bitter taste and aren´t easy to eat, but fried in "tempura" they acquire a fantastic aroma and become a dish that really makes us feel the arrival of spring.

We know, you're already imagining all the foods you're going to make in tempura and improving the taste and texture, Are we wrong?

Japanese Tempura Pan

Material: Stainless Steel.

Feature: Eco-Friendly, non stick, smoke free and applicable on gas and induction cooker.

Sizes: 18x7.5cm (7"x3")

Quantity: 1 Japanese Tempura Pan.

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