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Tempura Pot Teshio ( 4 models)

Tempura Pot Teshio ( 4 models)

The tempura is the fashionable batting technique, and I think it won´t be a fad because it offers great advantages over other forms of covering or wrapping food. It isn´t easy to do well, but when you have learned it allows you to obtain a light and crunchy batter very far from the greasy meals that sometimes serve us in some places.

With Tempura Pot Teshio you can start and professionalize yourself in the world of tempura since it includes a filter so that the oil doesn´t ruin your best recipe.

Japanese Tempura Pan 

Material: Multilayer Stainless Steel.

Feature: Eco-Friendly, applicable on gas cooker, no fumes and oil saving.

Capacity: 4-5L

Available in 4 models.

Quantity: 1 Japanese Tempura Pan with detachable oil filter holder.

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